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Gluten free Dining Options

Wildflour understands the challenges related to Gluten-Free dining. This page is a work in progress and will be added to often. Through our good personal experience with, or we have received good feedback from our customers regarding successful GF dining, we make these observations. Please keep in mind restaurant menus are subject to change. Always communicate with your server regarding your dietary needs, and ask about cross contamination potential. It is helpful to ask if they use a clean pan and utensils for example to prepare your GF meal? Most restaurants will have the disclaimer of “ The dish does not contain gluten ingredients but is prepared in a kitchen that handles gluten containing ingredients”. Please note there are a handful of completely GF restaurants available! We will leave the final decision up to you!


PF Chang’s. Bellevue & downtown Seattle. GF menu with separate plates used and very knowledgeable staff. Even a GF dessert option.

Wild Ginger. Bellevue & downtown Seattle. GF designations on menu with knowledgeable staff and willingness to modify most dishes on the menu. Willing to work with multiple food sensitivities.

Asiana Bistro. Redmond ( Whole Foods plaza ) A Teriyaki style restaurant that offers almost entirely GF and MSG free dishes.


Cactus. Multiple locations including Bellevue, Kirkland, West Seattle, downtown Lake Union, and Madison Park. Separate GF menu. Knowledgeable staff and multiple options. Be aware the corn chips are not GF as they are cooked in a shared fryer with wheat products ( bummer!). Daily specials often have additional GF options. DF options too usually.


Anthony’s Home Port. Multiple locations including Kirkland, Edmonds, Seattle & Des Moines. A separate GF menu. Fairly knowledgeable staff. Great views.

Duke’s Chowder House. At least a half a dozen locations including Bellevue and 2 in Seattle. A dizzying array of GF options. GF Carrot Cake on dessert menu. Views are fantastic at West Seattle and Lake Union locations.

Palisade. Seattle at Magnolia marina. A special occasion type of restaurant. Great labeling on menu for GF options. Staff is typically very willing to accommodate. Views are spectacular.

Barking Frog. At Woodinville’s Willows Lodge. They offer Wildflour petite baguettes as an option for Gf diners, along with their seasonal compounded butter. Website menu does not appear to have Gf labeling but hear many good experiences from our customers. Fine dining.


Piatti. Seattle @ University Village. Gluten free menu available. They have GF bread and pasta available.

Osteria La Spiga. Seattle Capitol Hill. GF, as well as DF and V designations on their menu. They bake their own GF bread in house. They have GF pasta available. This might be one of the few places you can dip GF bread in a variety of olive oils.

Tulio. 5th Ave. downtown Seattle. GF menu with GF pasta available. No GF bread. Knowledgeable servers. Fine dining.


Plum Bistro. Seattle Capitol hill as well as a small kiosk at Seattle Center’s Food Court. A vegetarian / vegan restaurant with many GF options available. They have a fantastic pizza.

Blue Moon Burgers. Multiple locations around Seattle. Offer GF buns, they have dedicated fryers for fries and are Celiac friendly.

Jujubeet. Downtown Bellevue and University Village neighborhood Seattle. An artisan juice bar with breakfast and lunch options. Fresh and seasonal flavors. Vegetarian with vegan options.

Red Robin. Multiple locations including Bellevue, Seattle, Kent and more. They use an ipad format to allow you to enter in your food sensitivities, and then a corresponding menu will follow with notations about what to tell your server for necessary modifications. GF buns, GF beer, and a dedicated fryer. Excellent sweet potato fries! A great option for families for casual dining.


Capitol Cider. Capitol Hill Seattle. Known for their fish and chips, but other options available. Tavern style but usually a quiet environment. The entire restaurant is GF with exception of a couple beers. Many GF cider and beer options available.

Revolve. Bothell. The entire restaurant is GF. Revolve serves only animal proteins that are natural and raised humanely, without the use of antibiotics and added hormones. Diners enjoy wild seafood, organic farm fresh eggs and seasonal organic produce, as well. Guests love the lively, classy wine bar, or, if a quieter experience is preferred, dining in the wine cellar..

No Bones Beach Club. Ballard ( Seattle ). A very unconventional Tiki style pub. The entire restaurant is GF and also vegetarian. Get your GF comfort food here – think fried avocado tacos, nachos with house made (vegan) “cashew cheese” queso, fried eggplant sticks with assorted dipping sauces. A small outdoor seating area. Close proximity to Ballard’s Sunday farmers market makes for a fun Sunday afternoon outing.

Ghostfish Brewing Co. 1st Ave S, Seattle. They specialize in GF beer, but offer flat breads, fish and chips, sandwiches, tacos, burgers and more. A completely GF restaurant with some vegan options.

GF = gluten free

DF = dairy free

V = vegetarian or vegan